Hamit  ARSLAN (MSc. Mech. Eng.)   

Hamit Arslan was born in 1958 in Gümüşhane - Şiran (Turkey). After graduation from Ankara Abidinpaşa Industrial and Vocational High School the department of Machinery, he started to study in Ankara Men' s Technical Teachers College  in 1977. In 1981, he began to work as a machinery teacher in Giresun Industrial and Vocational High School. Afterwards, he was assigned to establish the machinery department in Piraziz İsmail YÜCEL Industrial and Vocational High School.

After the achievements in the examinations of Ministry of National Education (MEB), he was sent to English language courses in Turco British Association / Ankara by the Ministry of National Education. He was honored to be sent to United Kingdom in 1987 due to his successful results in British Council exams. He attended Norwich - Bell School of Languages for language training and Wigan College of Technology for CNC(Computer Numerical Control) and CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) education.

After returning back to Turkey, he was assigned to set up the CNC department in Adana Technical and Vocational High School. He set up and established the CNC department as well as CNC workshop and CAD/CAM laboratory. He has been currently working as chief of CNC department in the mentioned school. By The Ministry of National Education, he was authorised in the establishments of the new CNC departments in schools, organisation of the teaching programs, translation of the relevant books and training of the teachers. In 1990, he was sent by the ministry to the company FESTO in Vienna/Austria to be trained in pneumatic-electropneumatic topics.

He obtained a Master of Science degree in Engineering and Architecture Faculty of Çukurova University /Adana thanks to his works in the topics of CAD/CAM between 1993-1996. He has given CNC lectures in Engineering and Architecture Faculty of Mersin University /Mersin and currently has been holding CNC, CAD and CAD/CAM lectures in Vocational School of Adana

He has published many articles in various technical periodicals and other issues. He is a professional in the education in computer, CNC machine tools, CAD and CAD/CAM for KOSGEB - Adana and Chamber of Mechanical Engineers - Adana; in addition he has been giving courses about CNC machine tools, AutoCAD, MasterCAM, CATIA, SolidWorks and 3DS Max in these mentioned associations.

He also worked as regional director for CNC machine tools of various companies such as OKUMA / Japan, HARDINGE - BRIDGEPORT / USA, PROKING / Taiwan, KELENBERGER / Switzerland, CHIRON / Germany, ROMI / Brazil, MTE / Spain within the Çukurova region and moreover worked as a technical and educational consultant in some private companies.

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